• Shelby Perea

Filmy Downtown Denver Fashion Editorial

Effortlessly chic, incredibly cool. Sunshine and shade. Wondrous contemplation and free-spirited melancholy. A wide blue sky, sharp-edged buildings, two bare feet and a collage of orderly, yet textured backdrop. A filmy downtown Denver fashion editorial, full of simplicity and sophistication. And lots of daydreaming.

I recently collaborated with Asmita Idate, a fashion and lifestyle model based in Denver, Colorado, on a fashion editorial in the LoDo neighborhood of Denver. We originally met through Instagram, and our artist-muse chemistry in person was totally on-par with what I'd expected it would be! From the moment I saw Asmita, I loved her look and knew she would be the ideal model and muse to execute my editorial vision. Add to it that she's also a lovely human being full of talent, confidence, creativity, and ease—she was an absolute joy to work with, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome of our collaboration.

The inspiration for this downtown Denver fashion editorial didn't come from a place that one might immediately suspect. In fact, the inspiration was musical in nature, to start. Art (at least for me) seems to translate rather seamlessly (and most often, urgently) between mediums, and the spark for this project was no different. I heard it, and then I saw it. And I knew I needed to follow the vision. Downtown Denver would be the perfect host for this artistic early-autumn, golden-hour adventure.

In this case, the music behind the photographic magic is Folklore, Taylor Swift's most recently released studio album. I first listened to the album late at night on the eve of its release. I was rapt. While I've always appreciated T-Swift's ability to grow and transform and reinvent herself as an artist—her artistry in this album felt relevant to me in an even deeper, more personal way. Each song is ripe with raw sentimentality, whimsical longing, a romantic watercolor quality, and hopeful (albeit melancholy) melodic reprises. I replayed the album over and over again in the days and weeks to come, and ultimately, I felt compelled to translate into imagery a semblance of the emotions it stirred up in me.

A meaningful contrast between the folksy, whimsical appeal of nature, with the confined yet expansive canvas of the urban environment—that dichotomy of emotion was what I knew I wanted to translate visually.

Reinvention and dichotomous expression (artistically and emotionally, both individually and as a society) should not only be expected, but also celebrated. We so eagerly grieve the loss of what was, yet, only with caution do we celebrate the new life that comes next. After all, our lives are often a reflection of this very reality, aren't they? The balance of opposites—whether intentional or accidental—our lives are a canvas painted with both joy and sadness, light and dark, freedom and constraint, contentment and longing. Of both hanging on and letting go, and all of the unsure, vulnerable, and vibrant moments in between.

Photographer: Shelby Perea

Creative Director: Shelby Perea

Model: Asmita Idate

Hair + Makeup: Asmita Idate

Location: LoDo (Downtown Denver, CO)

Top: OOTDFash

Jeans: Agolde

Shoes: Lulus

Dress: Evereve

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