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20/20 Vision

There is a lot of talk about goal-setting this time of year. With it also being a new decade that fast-approaches, the anticipation of the next chapter seems extra high.

Listen — I love a good goal. A tangible item that we can look towards and aim for; something that pulls us forward and gives us motivation when we need it. But, a goal will *fail* every single time if we don’t appreciate the journey it takes to get there.

As a business owner, maybe it’s silly (or perhaps, even perceived as irresponsible) for me not to have a big long list of goals for this coming year. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a few mileposts planted—markers to aim for and head towards. But, I don’t have some big lengthy list. My one big goal this year is this: TO BE FULLY PRESENT.

If you know me well, you’re likely well-aware of my type-A tendency to over-work and under-appreciate myself. To rush and push and hustle and grind—and to never be fully present along the way or truly satisfied with the end result. For me, this year is about taking small steps forward each day, and reveling in each little step and moment to engage with it and absorb all it has to teach me.

2020 is the year that I become a mama. That I’ll get to hold my son in my arms for the first time. I’m going into 2020 as a full-time business owner. No more side hustle or part time gig anymore—I’m all into this, guys. Full leap of faith. It’s the year that I will learn to be a new kind of wife to my incredible husband as we navigate parenthood and self employment and new financial goals and life challenges and big dreams together. It’s the year of togetherness and learning and growing. I don’t want to miss a single freaking minute of 2020, ya’ll.

Trusting that God will provide in every area of life that we need it—physically, financially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, relationally—I’m resting easier this year in the hope I have in Him and his ability to chart this exciting, crazy, wild, beautiful, unknown, unique course for me and my family. Knowing that He not only makes the path before us readied and clear, but that He will walk it alongside us—my heart rests content, unhurried, peaceful and serene. 2019 has shown me what it looks like to hand it over to Him. To walk in faith and trust in a completely new and deeper way. To hand over all the challenges, big and small, and trust that He will help us to navigate without fear overwhelming and sinking us. We’ve been challenged in ways we could never have imagined—and yet. His faithfulness, grace, mercy, and love have revolutionized our lives and hearts yet again.

So, I don’t have a checklist for 2020. I don’t have a big long self-depreciating list of things about myself that desperately need to change for me to be happy. I just have a vision. A vision for being present and engaged. Alert and ready. Eyes, mind and heart open to what God would bring to our lives this year. My fists aren’t clenched, grasping tightly to some idea I have of what success will look like this year (although, the Lord knows that has been my tendency in the past). This year I am challenging myself to keep my palms open, my shoulders relaxed, my inner voice positive, and my heart ready to give and receive.

What about you? What kind of YOU do you want to be this year?

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