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Based in Cheyenne, WY   |   shelbypereaphotography@gmail.com   |   (307) 996-6943

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When you invest in professional photos, I believe you should receive more than just beautiful images.



You also deserve an incredible, memorable experience.



During our time together, you'll be given the gift of being fully present, celebrating your joy, and being truly carefree. You'll be given permission to disconnect from the digital world that's always begging for your attention. 



You’ll have the freedom to relax and be yourself. To be comfortable, confident, connected, and empowered.


When you look at those special photos you’ve hung on your wall, you’ll see beauty—but it’s more than that. You’ll see your best self & the ones you love.



You’ll remember how you FELT during those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Hi, I'm Shelby! Thank you so much for visiting.  

I am a photographer based in beautiful Cheyenne, Wyoming. I share my life with my hubby and our two wild pit-mix fur babies. Our first human kiddo will arrive in January 2020! I love the great outdoors and exploring the world. Spontaneous adventures light me up. I have a big, loud laugh. Music sets my soul on fire. I am a shameless plant lady and enjoy spending slow, quiet mornings in my garden.


My passion in life is loving on people and capturing beautiful moments. I crave those raw, authentic moments. The kind of moments that make you feel deeply. The ones you remember for the rest of your life. Those defining moments. My love of photography derives from my awe of the human spirit and form. People are just so beautiful. I love connecting with people and seeing them come alive.


By the end of your session, we'll be like old friends. We'll make each other laugh and we'll connect in that real, genuine way. The kind of way that fills you up and makes you thankful for those where-you're-supposed-to-be moments. I think authenticity is contagious, and those of us who are full of life and full of hope and full of joy...we'll end up finding each other in this wild, crazy world.

I can't wait to meet you, new friend.